We're Back!

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Sift Family.
Over the past two weeks we have seen the most devastating fires hit the North Bay, but we’ve also seen our incredible community come together. 
While much of our team spent the past week in evacuation zones, I’m excited to share everyone is safe and all Sifters’ homes were spared. 
Unfortunately, our central bakery in Santa Rosa faced some real challenges, forcing most of our locations to remain closed. But thanks to our incredible team, we are coming back online. 
We remain steadfastly committed to delighting our guests, to the ingredients and flavors that give our treats their magic, and to the skills and talent of our team. Thanks to this amazing team, starting today, all locations will be open! 
We are excited to see you, to hear your stories, and join in celebrating this amazing community. 
While we won’t be opening with our full menu, the entire Sift family is determined to come back stronger than ever. We’ve been exploring exciting new recipes and flavors, new treats and experiences. 
And we CAN NOT WAIT to show you what we’ve been working on! 
Thank you to our first responders. Thank you to our guests and neighbors, and thank you to our team. We are beyond grateful for the support and love, and excited for the epic road ahead. 
Andrea and the Sift Family
Ps. Let’s be real, we’ve all earned a treat. 

You're amazing because she's amazing!

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Show her how grateful you are, for all she does

Order by 5/10 for 5/12 delivery.

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New New Available NOW!

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With the seasons changing & the weather finally starting to brighten up we wanted to share our NEW & exciting things we've added to our site!

Introducing our new line of Combo Gift Boxes

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& how could we forget MOM.

You're amazing because she's amazing.

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Sift Dessert Bar



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Oh Happy Day! Valentine's Ideas Part 2

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See... We told you we were obsessed with Oh Happy Day! ;)
We saw this post and couldn't wait to share with you!
-Cupid's Heart Balloon Sticks-
Materials: 6″ heart balloons, 12″ balloons sticks, Colored cardstock, Gold straws, Gold spray paint, Scissors, Glue gun, Ruler, Pencil, Paint Pen (optional)

Step 1: Print out the template onto colored cardstock and cut out the hearts and arrows.
Step 2: With a ruler, measure the straw every 3″ inches then cut. You will need 2 3″ pieces per balloon.
Step 3: Blow up the heart balloon.
Step 4: Using the hot glue, attach a straw to each side of the balloon.
Step 5: Glue the heart to the top straw.
Step 6: Make two cuts to the second straw (no more than half an inch) and insert the ends of the arrow into them.
Step 7: Spray paint the balloons sticks gold.
Step 8: Attach your finished balloon to the balloon stick.
Step 9: Use paint pen if you choose to write a message on face of balloon.

See the full how-to here!

-Peony Favors-

Whether you need Wedding Favors, Birthday Party Favors, or you just want to make the cutest things ever... here is the how-to for these fab favors!

Materials: Crepe paper, scissors, floral wire, pink cube boxes, x-acto knife, wire cutters

Step 1: Take a fold of crepe paper or tissue paper and cut off a 4″ section.
Step 2: Take the fold and cut along one side about 3/4 of the way through making thin strips of fringe.
Step 3: Cut long sections of wire about 10″ long and short sections of wire 3″ long. If you are making a lot of flowers then cut all the wire at one time for the process to go a lot faster.
Step 4: Fold the long piece of wire in half. Begin wrapping the petals around the center and pinching it tight around the base. When finished, tie a small piece of wire around the fringe to hold it in place.
Step 5: For the petals, take the fold of crepe paper and cut off a 4 inch section.
Step 6: Take that section and cut it in half the same direction as the grain. (Crepe paper has a grain and this will matter later on.)
Step 7: Cut out a petal shape so that the grain of the crepe paper goes from the top to the bottom. It should look like there are lines running from the top of the petal to the base. To save time, you can cut the petals all at one time by putting them in stacks.
Step 8: Take the petals and with both thumbs stretch the crepe paper so it makes a nice curved petal. This is where it will matter what grain the paper is going in so that it stretches right. Again, t go quicker you can even do this to a small stack of petals at the same time.
Step 9: Taking the center of the flower begin placing the petals around and then pinching it and holding it at the base. When you are happy with the fullness of the petals take a small piece of wire and tightly wrap it and twist it to secure it in place. When you are done you should have a nice simple flower.
Step 10: Trim the wire base.
Step 11: Cut out a few leaves using the same process as Step 7-8.
Step 12: Attach them to the base of the flower with wire and wrap tightly to secure in place.
Step 13: Use an x-acto knife to cut an “x” into the top of your box.
Step 14: Slip the flower through the hole and secure with tape on the other side. Voila! Fin.

See the full post here.


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Oh Happy Day! Valentine's Ideas We LOVE!

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Oh Happy Day! is one of our favorite blogs & sites, they're full of colorful, fabulous, and fun ideas. We can't get enough of them! We wanted to share a few of our favorite ideas over the next few days for the perfect Galentine's Day, V-Day photo backdrop, and how to make the cutest balloons you ever did see! Just typing this makes us happy <3
-Valentine's Day Heart Balloon Wall-
What's a party without a photo backdrop?! We fell in love with this DIY balloon wall!

Materials Needed: pencil, 160Q long balloons in various colors, mini balloon hand pump, double sided Shurtape

Step 1: Inflate a bunch of 160Q long balloons. Release a little air from each so they have a little more flexibility.

Step 2: Lightly sketch hearts on the wall with a pencil.

Step 3: Apply horizontal strips of double-sided Shurtape within the heart shapes. Leave 2-3 inches between each strip. You can substitute the Shurtape with loops of gaffers tape if you prefer.

Step 4: Starting with the outer edge of the heart, line the shape with long balloons. Pinch and twist the balloon at the sharp turn to create a more distinct point.

Step 5: Continue Step 4 until the heart shape is filled with balloons. You can cut balloons to size by inflating a balloon to the length that you need, knotting both ends, and trimming off the leftovers. Make a many as your heart desires!

See full post & DIY here.

-3 Steps for Throwing the Perfect Galentine's Day-

Valentine's Day is never just about your significant other, it is about showering all the people you love, especially your girls! We love celebrating Galentine's Day with our girls. Here are the 3 steps to throwing the perfect Galentine's Day party.
View the full post here.
Just add Sift Dessert Bar.
Stay tuned for more ideas & amazing posts from Oh Happy Day!

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Holiday Traditions

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What are some of your holiday traditions? Where did they come from?
When starting your own family, you're able to create new family traditions & must-do's for the holidays. Some traditions last a lifetime + can be the most memorable part of the holidays.
Here is a list of Family Traditions from many different families that we love!
Countdown to Christmas - Counting down to Christmas was always exciting as a kid! I loved advent calendars!

Now advent calendars don't have to be just for kids. Take a look at this fab Wine Advent Calendar for the adults!

Bake Christmas Cookies at Home- We ALWAYS baked Christmas cookies with the family a few days before Christmas. We would make Tea Cookies, Sugar Cookies, Lemon Bars, Chocolate Chip cookies, and raspberry jelly filled cookies. It was one of our favorite traditions. Here is a list of Christmas Cookie Recipes.

Picking Out Your Tree- Did you go to a tree farm every year and pick out your tree, wreath, and mistletoe? We always did, until recently. Now, at home, my new tradition is playing Christmas music, hanging the stockings, pulling out the 6 foot fake tree, and decorating it the Monday after Thanksgiving.



No matter what your Christmas traditions are, we wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, & a wonderful New Year.

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Sweet Savings for YOU

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This week only spend $80 & get $20 in Sift Gift Cards! 

#4weeksofSiftGifts #spend80get20 #siftdessertbar 

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